no apology

*wake up, flawless.
post up, flawless.
ride 'round in that, flawless.
flossin' on that, flawless*

Our genes, flawless.
our style, impeccable.
our afros, unblemished.
our hearts', magic.

melanin going for $353-$373 per gram,
it is no secret that our people is grand.
we hold the key to life, and death.
naturally, at least. programmed we are no more superior than the rest.

we have fallen into a state of confusion.
engulfed into "ignorance is bliss", allowing it to fog our minds'.
the inability to see pass society,
ran by the church and their lies.

the media's desire to kill us where we stand,
kick us while we are down.
with the supreme court throwing our men in cells,
the "missing children" never found. aware of the location, still they'll never tell.

came into this world just as you, except we are the original.
present for 10,000 years before their horns will unveil.
failed to get it right, leading us to the predicament we find ourselves in.
the lines we walk are fate, and fate we shouldn't fear.

there is no reason in time we should feel less than.
more damage ever done with the mental cuffs and chains,
we declare today the time to be freed and be brave.
with apologies neglected, we refuse to wait.



Blamed for being misled.

Shamed for being all we ever knew.

Hated for what we were taught to be.

If you were us wouldn’t you be upset, too?

Say we’re “too violent” and have no self control.

But what has “self-control” and “peace” ever gotten us before?

When we show the side of us the world lust, we have a desire to be “white”, or something we’re not.

Regardless of how we are, the insults and degrading is constantly a downpour.

We aren’t worthy of love.

And they perceive “you’re cute to have dark skin” as a compliment.

Causing us to pretend that we hate love, for fear to open up.

Trusted Europeans long ago, we were enslaved for 4 centuries, and they wonder why we are all afraid of commitment.

Love your melanin, baby girl.

You don’t have to be tough.

Don’t be hesitant to shout out how you feel.

You can still look at life from the bright side though your child hood was rough.

“All lives matter”, yeah clearly.

When 100% of residents killed by police brutality in certain cities just happened to black.

“We’re just angry and don’t know how to let things from the past go”, yeah clearly.

Because there wasn’t a poster in the local gas station in an urban area with a picture of the KKK saying “the real boyz in da hood is back”.

Don’t look down upon my brothers and sisters because they don’t have hair like you..

and eyes like you..

and don’t mind not being like you..

and were taught to not like you.

Be honest, you weren’t born a racist.

You were taught to hate what was unknown to you.

We have waited too long for the compassion from your set of people that will never come.

How can you fault parents and guardians, loved ones and teachers, for just suggesting us to watch our backs when it come to the people like you?

I no longer have faith that the black and white will all come together.

I’m not sure if I still look forward to it.

Interracial couples make me smile though.

This planet is corrupt, maybe time, though, will bring peace to it.


SIDE NOTE: A lot of things have happened this year. There have been more police brutality cases against blacks that I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s worse because the officers will continue to do this, for they have nothing to lose. They aren’t paying for their actions. It’s hard to be a proud, black American. Just when people were thinking things would get better, they went the total opposite. Along with the incidents that are mentioned in the news and social media sites, there are so many more that just gets covered up. Missing people reports, when really they were killed by an officer. In addition to this problem, police departments are admitting to being Klu Klux Klan affiliated. Students on University of Missouri’s campus were afraid to leave their dorms because of death threats by KKK members and white students. But then we carry weapons and protect ourselves at all cost, now we’re labeled as violent and destructive. I’m pretty sure they would just love for us all to cave in and allow us to enslave us all over again. But, we can’t afford that. Stand up for yourselves black people, love yourselves black people, love the people who surround you especially the black people, don’t be ashamed to be black, if they could choose to be any color in the world, I can almost promise that they’d turn from white to black. They are jealous because they aren’t us. What else, but jealousy, could lead to the hate that they have grown and refuse to let go of after all of these years? BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL.


“Who does she think she is? Wearing her hair all curly and being comfortable in baggy clothes. She’s a science major and smokes weed. Drink beers because she thinks she’s white, but continually embraces her black culture. Who does she think she is, being all that she ever wanted to be? She must think she’s better than someone, being happy and nonchalant, but passionate and determined all the while. She has got to think she’s someone important, for she walks around like she couldn’t be touched on her worst day. Who does she think she is, loving herself??…”

And it never stops!

When you don’t have to THINK you’re somebody..

Because you KNOW that you’re somebody..

When you don’t have to fake happiness because you really are happy..

When making yourself seem important is irrelevant,

for the fact that every time that “she” is referring to you..

they make you seem important enough.

When they are all upset at your happiness..

Because you know that you are fine the way you are..

And you love yourself with all your heart..

And your heart isn’t small.

You look fine in $2 jeans and a $1 top..

And you can walk in the rain, for you’re natural..

They can’t go outside or their faces will come off..

And their weave will become matted..

And they’ll feel embarrassed..

But you, you know, that you need nothing to beautify you more than you are..

You’ve known yourself from the start..

You deserve to be happy..

You deserve all that you are..

And they say “she” think she’s better because she knows this all..

However, I do this to encourage you to do you..

I’m not at all trying to make fun of you..

You’re not happy with 28 inches of someone else’s hair in your head..

And you feel the need to put make up on..

And fake nails on..

And a fake smile on..

And a fake you on..

When all everyone talks about is being “real”..

None of you are real..

As real as you want to be at least..

And you look down upon me because I seem like I have life all figured out..

In reality I’ve just become content with having nothing figured out..

Life is a puzzle with missing pieces in the box..

You have to scavenger hunt, find, within you and outside..

You’ll soon realize..

That it’s you that wants to be that “she”..

That knows her worth and doesn’t have to demand respect because it’s given regardless,,

Boys, and/or girls, will flock to you regardless..

It’s all about the energy you put out..

The fact that you would never allow your soul to tarnish.

Love yourself..

Through the well and opposite, also every thing between..

Self love is natural like the grass is green..

You love yourself until someone convince you otherwise..

You allow them to terrorize..

Make your use to be flourishing green grass, brown, yellow and brittle..

Such control you give to people..

Give control to me..

I’ll assist you in loving yourself back..

getting your whole self back..

the “she” that you thought you didn’t like..

may be the best friend you ever had.

Side note: An unhappy person doesn’t want to see a happy person, most times this is true. However, a happy person will want an unhappy person to become happy, helping them in any way they can. Sometimes though, the happiness resides in you and you only. It’s like looking outside for your wedding ring while it’s been in the house the whole time.. Looking outside was pointless for the fact that it was never there in the first place.. Just another let down, making you feel that you’ll never find it. Self love yields happiness, if that isn’t a proven fact, scientifically, spiritually or otherwise, it should be. We all deserve to be nothing less than happy, nothing less than happy we will be. Don’t give up on yourself! Love you guys, always. 🙂


Every day..

I awake..

Nothing ever comes with ease..

There’s always something or someone..

Attempting to drain my dreams..

Make it so that my hope and faith leaves..

Fall away and die like the fall’s leaves..

And harden so that you hear the sound when they’re stepped upon..

However, they fail sincerely..

For, my desires I refuse to give up on.

Love life..

Your life..

The life that you’ll love to live..

Deny their efforts to lead you to the life they want for you to live..

And that goes for anyone or anything that could influence the way you choose to live.

Being you coincides with you being great..

Go against everything “normal”, rebel against 9-5 jobs and letter grades..

Understand that grade point averages, test scores, your wage.. numbers, don’t define you..

Get the point that anyone who seeks to conform you..

Don’t deserve you..

Remain you..

Allow ‘relentless’ to define you.


Side Note: We all go through things, and we all feel like giving up or that we don’t belong. But, wherever you are, you are there for a reason. It’s no coincidence that you made it as far as you have, you have a purpose to serve. We all have purposes, as if there is an agenda already in line for us. Read the signs and take action. Let no soul judge you, no one has the golden book to life. Nobody but you can show you, teach you, how to be happy, how to live your life, how to be comfortable in your own skin. Love yourself, always, and never give up on the things you care genuinely about and the goals you hope to accomplish. Peace, love, always ❤

Wild Child

“She’s too wild”, they say.

“She’s just crazy”, they say.

Well, fuck what they say..

Fuck they.

Since she’s different from they, they have things to say..

Unaware that they couldn’t walk her soles for one day..

So, of course, she has her crazy days..

But who do they call on a rainy day?

A day with only dark clouds and no laughter?

When they just can’t seem to build that bridge and walk over..

Over to the other side where the grass looks more green..

And the neighborhoods seem more clean?

They’re calling her, needing a smile and she’s always pleasant..

Always forgiving..

Ready to cheer one up whenever..

For, she remembers how it gets when you’re down..

When you just need to vent and some advice..

Some ears to listen to you pour out your heart..

Because, yes she sniffs coke and shades her Mary with Molly..

Nonetheless, she’s sweet like none other..

Gives people the feel to always want to accompany..

Leads on the right energy..

Radiates positive synergy..

However, no one wants to hang out with a wild child on a Sunday..

Or out to walk and get sundaes..

For her Sundays are full of purple haze and daze..

And she likes her ice cream all vanilla white, not fond of sundaes..

She’s intellectual, creative, never modest on fun days..

You’ll regret not loving a wild child one day.